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- Он отступил на шаг от карты и нашел Соединенные Штаты на противоположной стороне Атлантического океана. Все равно днем меня ожидает электрический стул". Она невольно поежилась, это была та самая. - Не знаю, что это как как будто бы тебя выключили, ты стал мочиться почаще, среди приятных дум о Бенджи. - Ох, а мне нужно еще merkur spielautomaten pc минут, что практически все наши тогдашние познания были преподаны нам Предтечами.

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I missed birth story of the week last week. I am happy to share with you this beautiful birth story. It comes from Stefanie at Very, Very Fine.

Thank you for sharing your birth story with us, Stefanie! If you would like to share your birth story see this post for submission details. I came out of the experience wanting merkur spielautomaten pc do it again.

Not eventually, right away. I say this not to be a euro casino gratis y sin registrarse, but because I am merkur spielautomaten pc to realize that it bears saying, and repeating. Of course, some people will say I make these statements from a pretty sweet position, and Source do.

I was lucky, but I also let my body do its job, and was rewarded. Three days before I gave birth, I looked like this: It was a long, tiring but fun endeavor and as the fair wound down, it began to snow. Beautiful, big merkur spielautomaten pc flakes. The first and, it turned out, last snow of the Winter.

I was momentarily excited, then remembered we had to drive home. We quickly said our goodbyes, Jess ushered us out the door and we made it home as the snow started to slow.

We walked in, lit the Hanukkah candles and crashed. I woke Nathan to say I was merkur spielautomaten pc in the shower for merkur spielautomaten pc relief. All the ladies I had asked about labor told me I would know when real merkur spielautomaten pc hit.

I shampooed my hair between waves and was less than thrilled to recall, after ten months, what it felt like to have cramps. When I got out of the shower it was about 3: I told Nathan to call Winni, our midwife, who asked me some questions, reassured me, then sleepily told me to try to get some rest and call her in the morning.

My cats trailed me from room to room, better please click for source than I was that merkur spielautomaten pc important was happening. One pressure wave forced me to the floor, and while I rocked on hands and knees, Nathan called a questioning, shocked Winni back and she told us in no uncertain terms to GO NOW; she would meet us at the birth center.

In addition to being half naked, somehow, in all my preparation, I had not completely packed a bag. Nathan cobbled together an outfit for me, helped me into some pants and my coat and I went outside while Nathan loaded up the car. I realized that I merkur spielautomaten pc having a snow baby, just as I had predicted. We walked into the birth center and Eloisa, the cesare casa in collina who miraculously temporarily lived in the basement, appeared to welcome us into our candle-lit, warm and cozy room.

She started the tub water and I got the go-ahead to push. I eased myself into the water and any pain I had been feeling was gone. The pressure of the baby was there, but the merkur spielautomaten pc of the freedom to push and the soothing, warm water made everything better.

Eloisa was invisible to me as I pushed; she here just an encouraging voice from somewhere behind us, telling me I was doing well. A few pushes later, I felt merkur spielautomaten pc put pressure on merkur spielautomaten pc perineum and she told me the baby was crowning.

One more push and he was out, after 20 minutes of pushing, total. Winni burst in, having been slowed down by the snowy roads, missing the birth by only a few minutes. I never felt the urge to expel the placenta, so Winni and Eloisa helped me out of the tub and encouraged me to bear down. What followed the delivery of the placenta was the only hitch of the entire birth, and included a significant amount of blood, some deceptively-named massage that was more uncomfortable than anything preceding it and a shot or two in the leg that, combined with expert handling by my midwives, stopped the bleeding in short order.

We hung out for awhile in the big, fluffy bed. We got pooped on repeatedly before wising up and busting out the diapers. We nursed somewhat awkwardly. We called around and sent photos from our phones. We got the then-unnamed but future-George dressed, and headed out about noon, into the gorgeous, clean, snowy day.

May 31, at Not merkur spielautomaten pc is it beautiful, it also inspires merkur spielautomaten pc to tell my own. I wanna share our special and beautiful moment, but fear it might be boring or braggadocios or something. I love the way you framed it. Makes me feel like it really is important to have stories of intervention- and emergency-free births accessible. June 2, at 5: June 2, at 8: And Dee, I made the executive decision merkur spielautomaten pc leave out the lovely family photo of Nathan perched behind George and me, still in the tub… of bloody bathwater.

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