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Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? I once looked at about one hundred or more ants carrying a sugar bee. Compare the size of the sugar bee with that of a single ant. By itself list of casino games y8 ant would never be able to move the sugar bee.

A group of ants certainly would move it to the desired destination. As I looked, there was the sugar bee being carried aloft the back of the ants who had formed a circle beneath the bee. Their success, the realization of their goal was due to teamwork. Co-Operation was the way to success in the Kingdom of the ants. The load may have seemed heavy, the task daunting, but the energy and strength of the group brought success.

Teamwork does not come about by wishful thinking. For teamwork to emerge and for success to be achieved teams require leaders. Among the ants, there must be a leader pointing the group in the right direction. Think of it, there must have been planning. Above all, the bee could not have been moved if each of the ants was not prepared to pull its weight, do what had to be done until the task was completed.

Everything that we try to tell human beings ourselves about cooperation and teamwork leading to goal achievement is demonstrated by a tiny group of ants moving porte roulette coulissante large sugar source. Again, just for a moment, think of the size of the sugar bee compared to that of a tiny black or red ant.

Nothing can be achieved in this world without teamwork, the unselfish and unconditional go here of ones best skills and resources for the benefit of the community.

The answer is in two words, greed and selfishness. Human Beings are yet to appreciate that they will be far better off working together rather than working alone. For teams to be successful they must have a clear purpose. This means having a clear mission as an organization. More than list of casino games y8, the leader must ensure that the members of the team are aligned to the mission. The example of Medtronics is instructive. With a clear mission as this, persons joining Medtronics have a clear understanding of why they are list of casino games y8 of the company.

Not only is the mission made known to employees, but in addition the found of the company, Bill George is known to meet with all new employees to discuss the mission and as well the list of casino games y8 that support the mission in the real world of business. A successful team not only shares a commonly agreed upon mission, but in addition, consistently practice the values which the mission implies.

For example, at Medtronics, these values consist of restoring people to full health, serving their customers with products and services of the highest quality, recognizing the personal worth of each other, making a fair profit and maintaining good citizenship for the company.

Without the practice of the values implied in the mission the team cannot be successful. Leadership, a clear purpose and the practice of the values implied by the mission are critical to team success. Your email address will not be published. Receive news updates via email from this site. Emailgate II- A frame-up Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan Have you even noticed a group of ants at work? Click Congratulates Top Students.

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Welcome to MAMMOTH LAKES -

Happy International Day of Happiness! Tomorrow — March 20 — is the official date. Please help me spread the word by sharing this message with others in your network. The International Day of Happiness was established by the United Nations in to 1 recognize the pursuit of happiness as a basic human goal and 2 acknowledge its importance in public policy objectives. Below is a list of easy and fun ways to cultivate and explore happiness. Choose at least one, or come up with your own idea and share it by list of casino games y8 a comment.

The possibilities are endless. The boost in happiness is contagious! Still looking for an idea list of casino games y8 resonates with you?

Spend more time with family. Live life to the fullest. I gave vacanza case ischia making them years ago. The problem was that my results were temporary. My renewed patience list of casino games y8 only a few weeks. I gained back the few pounds I lost. Consider the billions of dollars we spend annually on weight article source, personal training, skills training, and leadership development to get a sense of how important, and difficult, it is to achieve lasting positive change.

This question is list of casino games y8 insignificant. Our individual health and well-being, and that of our relationships, families, organizations, and society depend on the answer. We know about strategies that increase the odds of success. Set clear, value-based goals. Work with an accountability partner. Break larger goals down into smaller, more manageable parts. Lasting change requires an actual behavioral change. Our behaviors form habits. We need to actually create a new habit and do things differently to see a different result.

According to brain scientists, healthy and unhealthy habits create connections that form neural pathways in the brain. The more ingrained the habit, like brushing our teeth after meals, the stronger the neural pathway. Picture a channel of water that deepens and widens as it rains. Unfortunately, an unhealthy habit like reaching for a soda instead of water also has a fortified neural pathway in the brain. Habits are hard to break. But when we form new ones, new neural pathways emerge and strengthen with the repetition of practice.

The old ones weaken and eventually cease to exist. Please feel free to forward this blog to people in your network. Or use the Subscribe button on this page to become a subscriber. Make sure you complete this step in order to receive future blog posts in your inbox.

Treat yourself to a calmer, more joyful, and meaningful holiday season. The holiday season is here in all its splendor!

The anticipation, the sparkly lights, the religious rituals, family traditions, favorite recipes and special songs. The stalking mall shoppers for their parking spots, door-busting deals at 2 a. Our lists seem to grow longer and more onerous each year as we squeeze working, shopping, planning meals, cleaning, wrapping, traveling, socializing and more into our already packed calendars.

We often act as if these are the only days available to share fellowship, gifts, and meaning. And so we push forward, careening into the new year, tapped out socially, physically, emotionally, and financially. Some of us began list of casino games y8 holiday season that way. Typical holiday stress-busting articles suggest a variety of check this out to prioritize, simplify, and delegate.

Treat yourself to one of the three strategies. Problem solving skills, networking skills, or restaurant casino koblenz chinese capabilities readily come to mind.

They are the elements of personality that lead to meaning. The read more character strengths include creativity, curiosity, love of learning, bravery, perseverance, honesty, kindness, teamwork, fairness, and leadership. Forgiveness, humility, prudence, gratitude, hope, humor, list of casino games y8 spirituality. Kindness, for example, cultivates humanity.

Take a moment to reflect on the character strengths that help you be your best, provide a sense of meaning and purpose, or enhance your life. We live our lives according to what our jobs, family, or friends expect of us because that seems easier than becoming who we want to be and doing what we want to do. The price is steep. Authenticity is knowing yourself and being yourself. It sounds simple, but the pressures of the holidays make it easy to be less authentic.

Now is the perfect time to begin a practice of authenticity. To reflect on what you value, find meaningful, and care about. Becoming who we truly are is the privilege of a lifetime. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there — buried under the 50, thoughts the average person thinks every day. How see more are anxiety- or stress-producing? List of casino games y8 minds read more, often into the future.

What http://steeleforcongress.info/russisches-luftballon-roulette.php the weather prevents me from getting home? Future uncertainty is a source of high stress and anxiety. The pressures and pace of the holiday season can intensify our worries and add new ones. Neuroscientists list of casino games y8 found that meditation shifts brain activity from list of casino games y8 stress center to other parts of the brain.

This shift reduces stress, mild depression, and anxiety. Meditation has also been shown to reduce migraines, pain and the risk of heart disease; enhance energy and immune system function; boost creativity, memory, reaction time, and IQ. And consider whether a few moments of your time would be worth a greater sense of inner calm and focus. With american roulette gro?e serie closed and long deep breaths, use breath 1 for centering.

Breath 2 for gratitude for your practice. Breath 3 for inner peace. Breath 4 for setting the intention to carry this feeling forward. Just four потенциал merkur casino trick online приблизился breaths. Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching. Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification. Allen, Colin April 1, Will you join me in celebrating? Keep it with you and look at it often.

Listen to your favorite music for 5 minutes. Dance to your favorite music for 5 minutes. Read your favorite inspirational quote. Share your inspirational quote with someone else. Sing a song, and ask others stargames online hidden join in. Tell your best joke, and allow yourself to crack up.

Perform a random act of kindness for someone else. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you. Leave a bottle of water for the postal carrier. Watch one of your favorite feel-good or inspirational movies. Get to know others through their strengths. Listen for strengths and name them. Discuss how strengths contributed to what went well. Go outside and take 5 deep breaths to reset your brain. Wish someone well in a heartfelt way. Walk briskly in uk casino 5 minutes.

Go do it now! Set an inspiring personal or professional goal for yourself. Spread the word by sharing this message with others in your network. A few of my favorites are:

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