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The city of Bern German: Inthe historic old town actually called in German: The etymology of the name "Bern" is uncertain. It has long been considered likely that the city was named after the Italian city of Veronawhich at the time was known as Bern in Middle High German.

During the Roman eraa Gallo-Roman vicus was on the same site. The Bern zinc tablet has the name Brenodor "dwelling of Breno".

InBern joined the Swiss Confederacybecoming one of the eight grand casino in bern of the formative period of to Bern invaded and conquered Aargau in and Vaud grand casino in bernas well as other smaller territories, thereby learn more here the largest city-state north of the Alps ; by the 18th century, it comprised most of what is today the canton of Bern and the canton of Vaud.

The city grew out towards the west of the boundaries of the peninsula formed by the river Aare. It was, in turn, succeeded by the Christoffelturm formerly located close to the site of the modern-day railway station until During the time of the Thirty Years' Wartwo new fortifications — the so-called big grand casino in bern small Schanze entrenchment — were built to protect the whole area of the peninsula.

After a major blaze inthe city's original wooden buildings were gradually replaced by half-timbered houses and subsequently the sandstone buildings which came to be characteristic for the Old Town. Despite the waves of pestilence that hit Europe in the 14th century, the city continued to grow, mainly due to immigration from the surrounding countryside.

Bern was occupied by French troops in during the French Revolutionary Warswhen it was stripped of parts of its territories. It regained control of the Bernese Oberland inand following the Congress of Vienna ofit newly acquired the Bernese Jura. At this time, it once again became the largest canton of the confederacy as it stood during the Restoration and until the secession of the canton of Jura in Bern was made the Federal City seat of the Federal Assembly within the new Swiss federal state in The here population rose from about 5, in the 15th century to about 12, by and to above 60, bypassing themark during the s.

Population peaked during the s at , and has since decreased slightly, to belowby A further estimatedpeople live in the immediate urban agglomeration.

The countryside around Bern was formed by glaciers during the most recent ice age. The city was http://steeleforcongress.info/what-kind-of-aston-martin-in-casino-royale.php built on a hilly peninsula surrounded by the river Aare, but outgrew natural boundaries by the 19th century.

A number of bridges have been built to allow the city to expand beyond the Aare. Bern is built on very uneven ground. Bern has an area, as of [update]of Of this area, 9.

Of the rest of the land, Of the developed, 3. Power and water infrastructure, as well as other special developed areas, made up 1. Of the agricultural land, The rivers and streams provide grand casino in bern the water in the municipality.

The warmest month for Bern is July, grand casino in bern a daily mean temperature of The municipality is administratively subdivided into six districts Stadtteileeach of which consists of several quarters Quartiere. The Municipal Council Gemeinderat constitutes the executive government of the City of Bern and operates as a collegiate authority. It is composed of five councillors German: Departmental tasks, coordination measures and implementation of laws grand casino in bern by the City Council are carried by the Municipal Council.

The regular election of the Municipal Council by any inhabitant valid to vote is held every four years. Any resident of Bern allowed to grand casino in bern can be elected as a member of the Municipal Council. Contrary to most other municipalities, the executive government in Berne is selected by means of a system of Proporz. The mayor is elected as such as well by public election while the heads of the other directorates are assigned by the grand casino in bern. Green Free List, who is the newly elected mayor sinceand GB Green Alliance of Bernegiving the left parties a very strong majority of four out of five seats.

He has been elected by the collegiate. The City Council de: Conseil de ville holds legislative power. It is made up of 80 members, with elections held every four years. The City Council decrees regulations and by-laws that grand casino in bern executed by the Municipal Council and the administration. The delegates are selected by means of a system of proportional representation. The sessions of the City Council are public.

Unlike members of the Municipal Council, members of the City Council are not politicians by profession, and they are paid a fee based on their attendance. Any resident of Bern allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the City Council. The parliament holds its meetings in the Stadthaus Town Hall. The last regular election of the City Council was held on 27 November for the mandate period German: The following parties combine their parliamentary power in parliamentary groups German: This gives the left parties an absolute majority of 49 seats.

In the federal election for the Swiss Grand casino in bern Council the most popular party was the PS which received The next five most popular parties were the Green Party In the federal election, a total of 48, voters were cast, and the voter turnout was Bern has a population as of December [update] ofOver grand casino in bern 10 years between andthe population changed at a rate of 0.

Migration accounted for 1. Most of the population as of [update] speaks Germanor There are people who speak Romansh. As of [update]the population was The population was made up of 44, Swiss men There were 51, Swiss women There were 27, or As of [update]children and grand casino in bern 0—19 years old make up As of [update]there were 59, people who were single and never married in the municipality.

There were 49, married individuals, 9, widows or widowers and 9, individuals who are divorced. As of [update]there were 67, private households in the municipality, and an average of 1.

In [update]a total of 65, apartments As of [update] the average price to rent an average apartment in Bern was The average rate for a one-room apartment was The average apartment price in Bern was The historical population is given in the following chart: From the census [update]60, or Of the rest of continue reading population, there were 1, members of an Orthodox church or about 1.

There were persons or about 0. There were persons who were Buddhist1, persons who were Hindu grand casino in bern persons who belonged to another church.

Perhaps its most famous sight is the Zytglogge Bernese Grand casino in bern for "Time Bell" outlet casa, an elaborate medieval clock tower with moving puppets. Thanks to grand casino in bern kilometres 4 miles of arcades, the old town boasts grand casino in bern of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe.

The Federal Palace Bundeshausbuilt from towhich houses the national parliamentgovernment and part of the federal administration, can also be visited. Albert Einstein lived in a flat at the Kramgasse 49, the site of the Einsteinhausfrom tothe year in which the Annus Mirabilis Papers were published.

The Rose Garden Rosengartenfrom which a scenic panoramic view of the medieval town centre can be enjoyed, is a well-kept Rosarium on a hill, converted into a park from a former cemetery in There are eleven Renaissance allegorical statues on public fountains in the Old Town.

One of the more interesting fountains is the Kindlifresserbrunnen Bernese German: Child Eater Fountain but often translated Ogre Fountain which is claimed to represent a Jew, grand casino in bern the Greek god Chronos or a Fastnacht figure that scares disobedient children. Bern's most recent sight is the set of fountains in front of the Federal Palace. It was inaugurated on 1 August The Universal Postal Union is situated in Bern.

Bern is home to Swiss heritage sites of national significance. Within the Old Town, there are eleven 16th century fountainsmost attributed to Http://steeleforcongress.info/casino-slot-5-dragon.php Giengthat are on the list. Bern has several dozen cinemas. As is customary in German Switzerland, films are generally in German.

Some films in select cinemas are shown in their original language with German and French subtitles. The football team BSC Young Boys is based in Bern at the Stade de Suisse Wankdorfwhich also was one of the venues for the European football championship in which it hosted 3 matches.

The team has ranked highest in attendance go here a European hockey team for more than a decade. Bern Cardinals is the baseball and softball team of Bern, which plays casino tanzsportclub the Allmend.

Bern was a candidate to host the Winter Olympics, but withdrew its bid in September after a referendum was passed that showed that the bid was not supported by locals.

Grand casino in bern

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