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A Tunisian Case Study of Guantanamo Repatriations | HRW Case in tunisia Tunisia is struggling with the balance between Islamic and Western values a year after its Tunisian court case exposes rift over free speech in new democracy.

Tunisian court case exposes rift over free speech in new democracy - The Washington Post

Outside the courthouse, 16 armed police officers screen all comers, including hundreds of lawyers in flowing black robes. Beyond a wall of barbed wire, a throng of bearded young men angrily shout slogans. The scene sends case in tunisia clear message: Could be trouble here. The subject of all this attention is a short, hyperactive, wise-cracking TV mogul who smokes fat stogies, has 25 bodyguards on his payroll and is on trial over charges of libeling Islam. For hundreds of years, Tunisia has boasted a complex blend of Islamic and Western values, and now, having ousted their autocratic leader, Tunisians are struggling to find the right balance.

No part of that wrenching, sometimes violent debate has been more divisive than the issue of freedom of speech. And a Tunisian philosopher who showed up at a TV station for a debate on Islam was shouted down by extremists, who said he was no scholar of the faith because he has no beard. In each case, calls for a state case in tunisia on offensive speech banged up against cries for the government to defend even unpopular expression.

A verdict is expected Thursday. In Tunisia, defendants hire a lawyer, but any lawyer in the land may join the prosecution or defense, and those lawyers have the same right to argue in court as case in tunisia attorneys.

But how can this case even be in case in tunisia, he asks. The two sides argue as if they live in different galaxies. They base their arguments on different histories http://steeleforcongress.info/roulette-trick-2014.php Western traditions of transparency and individual rights vs.

Islamic concepts of Koranic authority and the obligations of the community of believers. To prosecute someone just for case in tunisia a religious commandment would be folly, Mrad says.

Now he is the symbol of our revolution. Are you going to prosecute him, too? This is Tunisia, not Kandahar or Pakistan.

From Carthage to Mohammed Bouazizi, Tunisia has a link history.

Karoui thought he had problems under the old regime. His billboards were defaced and his advertisers harassed. Today, he has case in tunisia mix of programs, a news staff case in tunisia 50 and a clear position: We show decolletage and miniskirts, and the extremists hack our Web site to retaliate. Karoui, 48, offers programs that put a Western face on Tunisia — and draw big ratings.

Two days later, protesters arrived at the studios, threatening to burn the building. No one watched the movie! Police told Karoui that they could not protect him and urged him to go into hiding. That position does not sit well with more hard-line Islamists, who want the state to silence Nessma and punish what they view more info hate speech.

link are for freedom, but an organized freedom. Ghaki argued against Roulette regeln gewinn in court and organized a street protest last month against case in tunisia Tunisian man alleged to have flushed pages from the Koran down the toilet.

That protest collapsed into violence, as Salafists attacked a crowd of actors celebrating World Theater Day down the street. And then some of the elite casino news australia against religion and Islam. It would be a mistake to expect Islamists to accept Western notions of free speech, Ghaki says: As a civilized person, if that happens, I will go to the law for redress.

In Courtroom 10, anti-Karoui lawyer Seifeddine Makhlouf thunders against the audacity of those who defend the broadcast of an image of God: Yes, because the Koran says if case in tunisia support God, He will support you. After three hours of such arguments visit web page Karoui, his defenders get their turn.

No, this case must be dismissed. This case will determine whether a revolution really happened here. Tunisian court case exposes rift over free speech in new democracy.

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Tunisia: From Victims to Accused | Human Rights Watch

The full original work written in Italian is by: One can examine the many complex changes of day to day life that have taken place case in tunisia the Mediterranean context which are presented as a kaleidoscope of deceptions. In any case the image of North Africa in Europe and that of Europe in North Africa bring population flows that meet in discordant manner. So the positions taken up in cultural and social points of view remain distant. Around Europe they became a read more of the "ancient" as well as of the "different"; this creates a subtle anguish which can be felt when faced with deep but not always seen symptoms, almost denied to a real knowledge.

With a mixture of curiosity and many doubts, we have summoned the past and the present, and collected documents. Hard work had to be done to restore an image of that kaleidoscope, and to talk about an excursion through the history of the many peoples who landed in Tunisia, an excursion voluntarily full of impulses on a cognitive basis with many empty spaces.

Our aim is to attempt not uk bonus online best casino give answers that may be biased, but to focus on re-reading some aspects that encourage the reader to imagine some of the answers to some of the questions What is the geographical space of Tunisia?

Case in tunisia is a Western or an Eastern country? Why historically was Tunisia only a penetration land? Why is political organization constantly based on the image of the leader invested with full powers? Why was Tunisia, in the past considered to be the granary of Rome, is actually obliged to fight desertification? Why has Tunisia been denied its memory, as though it were struck by Alzheimer disease?

Why has the elite administrated the country in thirds? Where is Tunisia going? Obviously these are questions that do not only regard Tunisia, but are http://steeleforcongress.info/casino-bad-kissingen-5-tage.php that seem to be not asked in Tunisia.

On the other hand, we endeavored to re-read Tunisia case in tunisia, one of the more ancient of the world, not by photograms, nor according to an unique interpretative model -- the history as a space-movement according to Braudel http://steeleforcongress.info/roulette-machine-magnets.php example -- but researching its trajectory which trace the path of history, our personal one.

Despite its limits, this historical case in tunisia should be considered to be at the same case in tunisia exercises of knowledge, criticism and self-criticism. Criticism most of all, which means resistance case in tunisia overhanging nothing, dreaming http://steeleforcongress.info/obi-casa-grosseto.php advanced Tunisia and an advanced North Africa, most of all in terms of political institutions and of cultural and social works.

This hope feeds on delusions and failures which come to light". This work serves to be grateful to Tunisia and its kind and generous people. They have donated themselves and the fruits of their labor and land to others throughout many centuries. The work is composed of http://steeleforcongress.info/casino-spa.php volumes corresponding case in tunisia as many historical moments of the country life.

Carthage Missionary of Civilization, the first volume, at present under printing preparation, is divided into five parts: The geographical space of North Africa has peculiar characteristics: The difference of appellatives: The near insularity of the region practically closed at three sides, by the Atlantic and the Desert, making it easier to enter than here leave.

So, the history of Maghreb is the history of its invaders who came subsequently from East and from West, in search of space, with contrasting interests and ideologies. Even though Maghreb is separated from Europe, the mountains hang case in tunisia from one to the other side of Mediterranean Sea, and are arranged in coherent systems.

One bridge united Sicily to Tunisia; another one, the Bethic bridge, existed between Spain and Morocco. Maghreb, a longed case in tunisia rich land, is a mosaic of spaces high mountains, deserts, oasis, hills, plains and sea emporium and peoples. Human Environment the pre-historic periods; the Carthaginian period. North Africa was the seat whether of the most ancient Paleolithic click to see more case in tunisia homo habilis of Ain Hanech in Algeria goes back to more than a million years agoor of the Neolithic, the most advanced in history -- the Ibero-Maurusian and Capsian.

It is in the Desert that the Neolithic civilization shall affirm and obtain its first successes, as testified particularly by the case in tunisia rock paintings of the Hoggar and Tibetsi, which show a great artistic refinement. A radical change in social behavior can be noted starting from 3, B.

The proto-historic necropolis spread, which seem to indicate the case in tunisia of hierarchical social organization, as testimonies by the famous tomb of Tin Hinan the Tuareg Queen, which was found in Abelessa Tamanrasset, Algeria. The progressive transition towards forms of agricultural life was the consequence of the great climatic fluctuations. It seems to have been dictated by the necessity and the struggle against adversity, case in tunisia by opportunity reasons. In the 5 th century B.

While already dominated by Greeks and Phoenicians, or in contact with them, he brought to mind some of their customs. There was never a real, long-lasting hostility between Carthaginian and Berbers. Otherwise one could not explain why for centuries the small Punic centers were conserved, dislocated like a long and fragile crown along the coast of Numidia Tripolitania, Tunisia and Algeria and of Mauritania Morocco and even case in tunisia make up the urban armor of North Africa.

Phoenicia Who were the Phoenicians? What were Phoenicia, woodwork, and the basis of the Case in tunisia development? Phoenicia, a combination of sea and forests, starts with an interface -- fight between Byblos, Egypt and the sea peoples.

Case in tunisia Phoenicians could pass from being woodcutters and wood-traders on raft, to great high seas navigators. After having first developed a suitable technology for this form of navigation, came a know how in nearly all economic sectors, from exploitation of mineral and agricultural resources, to their transformation, and commercialization through an extraordinary chain of distribution.

The Phoenician Economy the Phoenician and Tyre purple; the Phoenicians glass artisans; the Phoenicians precious metals artisans; the Phoenicians ceramics artisans; the Phoenicians ivory artisans; the Phoenicians sailors; the Phoenicians traders; the Phoenicians shedders of economic well being.

The Phoenicians did not restrict themselves to offering luxury products and qualified services at high prices to the empires that surrounded them, but they were the first producers to have flooded the markets with their products. They did so каждым roulette portal легко the masses also, at prices so low that poorer people and classes could buy them.

The Phoenician culture the Phoenicians alphabet inventors; the Phoenicians urbanites; the Phoenicians architects; the Phoenicians artists.

Apart from here the first shedders of economic well being, the Phoenicians were the first diffusers of culture at mass level, overcoming the illiteracy with the invention of a simplified alphabet which a kid could learn in one year. The Greeks contribution was limited to the systematic introduction case in tunisia vowels using the sign of the redundant consonants of the Phoenician alphabet.

The Phoenician cities rise on promontories or on islands near the coast and mirror the need of defense and settlement of a people of navigators. They preferred the lagoon waters because they visit web page not damage the keels.

A noticeable technical apparatus was required not only for the site choice and the settlement edification, but for its conservation and defense too. Tyre may be the most eloquent example from this point of view. Moreover, Tyre was a city full of temples, palaces, squares and markets, endowed with a powerful defense system of walls, towers and gates. The Phoenician workers were so estimated that the King Solomon employed them without worrying about expenses.

The Phoenician cultural and artistic production had to suffer the affront of the conquering peoples and shows either its own creativity or the Egyptian and Greek influences consecutively. The Phoenician worship priests, rites and rituals; the Pantheon of Byblos; the Pantheon of Sidon; the Pantheon poker chips 4 pics 1 word Tyre; life after death.

According to the evidence given by Philo of Byblos who asserts to have translated his "Phoenician History" into Greek bodog casino from a Phoenician original written by Sanchoniathon case in tunisia Beric, The Phoenicians were monotheists and Baal was adored as their only one God.

Consequently, when polytheism was introduced Baal remains the principal divinity. He was known by other names: His female equivalent was Baalat, Ashtart, Elat and, in Carthage, Tanit the difficulty in transcription of Phoenician names is due to the absence of vowels in the alphabet -- connected to the cult of fertility, of love and of war.

At the pre-Islamic time, in Arabia, "Allat" was the name of one of the three female divinities adored in the temple of Mecca and a source that enriched the Meccans ; the other two were al-Uzza and al-Manat.

The Case in tunisia refused faith in them, after a short time of uncertainty connected to the famous episode of Satanic Verseswhich case in tunisia have originally followed verse 20 from sura 53, called of the "Star". When the Prophet Muhammad realized the demonic origin of such an inspiration, he eliminated the case in tunisia at issue from the Sacred Book.

It caused a large indignation among Muslims, mostly Http://steeleforcongress.info/casa-vacanze-santa-maria-di-leuca.php, and brought the fatwa sentencing him to death. The author, thereafter, was case in tunisia to live in hiding.

The Phoenician seen by their enemies The Phoenicians and the Western; the Phoenicians and the sacrifice of kids; the Phoenicians and the Jews. Phoenician and Carthaginian history is noted most of all through writings that need re-writing of their Greek and Latin enemies. We just know through the writings of Josephus that very detailed annals are existing at Tyre, describing the events that had involved the city-state in the ancient times and were destroyed.

The image of Phoenicians drawn by Homer finds perfection in Herodotus, then followed by Polybio, Livy, Virgil, Cicero and the others, who supplied the ideological basis, having recourse to ambiguity and incorrect narratives. The Latin writers propagated the idea that Carthaginian had barbarian usage and customs, such as the children sacrifice to the Gods, and coined a series of vocabulary such as "cannibalism", after the Roman case in tunisia at Canne by Hannibal. Later, Saint Jerome, apart from the Phoenician kids holocaust, flogged the Punic erotic poems, case in tunisia them pernicious and click here. Only recently, have we begun to interpret the function of the Tophet as a zone destined to collect the remains of the children precociously died.

Israel's relationship with the Phoenicians, economically speaking was excellent. It was nearly biological, Tyre being a door open to the sea, and to the world trading at that time. However, politically and theologically, in other words ideologically, it was nearly catastrophic. Phoenicia history in brief The Phoenician expansion until the foundation of Carthage; from the Assyrian to the Babylonian domination; the Greek-Persian wars; Alexander the Macedonian; Phoenicia contested between the Ptolomies, Selucides and Aramenians; the Hellenistic impact on Phoenicia; Phoenicia until the Arab conquest.

Phoenicia history is difficult to go link deeply due to the lack of witnesses; it is the history of a tenacious people who knew how to reconstruct its cities-state, with renovated fervor after each invasion. At the beginning of the 4 th century B.

Arade and its new foundation Tripoli, Sidon and Tyre constituted a federation having a Parliament seated in Tripoli, remembered by Diodorus Siculus; it was the first of its kind in all the Mediterranean World. After Alexander The Great, there were big case in tunisia, due to case in tunisia destruction, to the domination and compromises, which lead to a great endogenous cultural impoverishment. The presence of great Phoenician figures such as Zeno of Citium, Chrisippe of Soli or Thalis of Miletus, kept from oblivion the fact that the Greek language was imposed on the Phoenicians instead of their language.

Further, pagan religion itself of which Israel was afraid of was practically converted to the cult of the Greek gods. Consequently, after a period of anarchy, Phoenicia had a period of peace under the Roman emperors and the first Christian emperors.

They casino karlsruhe aristo Byretus, Tyre and Sidon colonies status. In the 6 th century, a group of persecuted Christians created, in the North Lebanon, the Maronite Church. InArabs conquered Phoenicia, without encountering resistance, after thirty years of Persian and Byzantine pillaging. Carthaginian settlement Carthage foundation and Western mythology; the city. Case famiglia the venture of the city, the annals of Carthage would be abandoned by Romans to Micipsa son of Massinissa, who case in tunisia to Sallustio and served for his "Jugurthian War" ; however, the work remained incomplete and there was no trace of that documents.

Carthage was probably founded as a Phoenician settlement. Elissa -- Dido founded their shelter and became queen, to case in tunisia with a group of supporters from her brother Pygmalion, ill-disposed forwards divided the power at Tyre with her. Her mythological story with Aeneas and her other one with Jarbas, King of Massils and Getules, concluded with her suicide.

However, that showed what a strong woman she was and how suitable to reign over Carthaginian people. Thereafter, she case in tunisia the object of reverence and imitation in the subsequent centuries. Carthage had to sale for old machines slot the shoah and case in tunisia havoc, and so it is difficult to imagine, apart from the strong emotion that wrongs the heart of any visitor, that these places contained the richest and most beautiful port of the ancient times, described by Appian.

Rashid Khalidi & Adam Roberts: The Hopeful Case of Tunisia

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