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Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri. Inon the occasion of his 93rd birthday, a dinner was given in honor of Charles Carsch at the house of his son John, east of Humboldt, Nebraska. The Humboldt paper printed an account of the affair, which gave a brief history of Mr.

Carsch has attained to the ripe old age of 93 years, coming to America from his birthplace near Breslau, Germany when a young man, and is the father of 3 generations, having 46 direct descendants.

He first located in Minnesota and a few years later came to Nebraska, settling on a farm near Verdon. Here he resided for a few years when he moved to a farm near this city and in the years that followed through the medium of hard work, privation, and the exercise of good judgement he acquired a total of acres of learn more here Richardson Co.

In common new maryland the youth of his day he listened to the call to arms and is now one of the few remaining Civil War veterans.

The denver casino of old age now confine Mr. Carsch to the house. Five years later, Charles Carsch died at the age of 98 and an obituary was published in The Humboldt Standard: Charles August Carsch, blackjack karten zahlen uben online of William Frederick Carsch, was born February 2,seven miles east of the city of Breslau, in the province of Silesia, Germany, and when a boy of about eleven years the dreadful Asiatic Cholera raged in Europe and visited the home town and he was bereft of both father and mother.

The family was in good standing socially. There were three sons and one daughter in the family http://steeleforcongress.info/casino-kaufen-hamburg.php one of the sons became vice-president of a Hamburg Steamship company.

Later one of the brothers came to America and settled in the state of Minnesota. In the yearat the age of about thirteen years, Charles Carsch came to America settling at Green Bay, Wisconsin. When the Civil War began he enlisted and entered the Transport and Supply go here of the government, going up and down the Mississippi.

After the war ended he came westward and entered Nebraska and soon he became the owner of a fine farm two miles southeast of Verdon, Nebraska. In he was united in marriage to miss Tabitha James from te state of Tennessee, whom he had met during his wanderings up and down the Mississippi.

There being no railroads in those days, Mr. Carsch brought his bride to Nebraska by steamboat and finally to the new home at Verdon. Later they came to Humboldt, where they acquired three blackjack karten zahlen uben online of fine fertile land. In the course of years nine children came to bless the home: Stratton, Golden City, Mo. Alma Nelson of Humboldt. Carsch united with the Lutheran Church while they resided in Verdon and after coming to Humboldt he placed his membership with the German Methodist Church, and we can bear testimony that as long as he was able he was a loyal member of the church.

The last few years of his life he was feeble and helpless, but received the most tender care from Mrs. Thompson and other members of the family. On April 4,soon after blackjack karten zahlen uben online evening shadows had crept over the earth, he was summoned to meet his Creator, at the ripe old age of 98 years, 2 months and 9 days.

The general outlines of this account are no doubt correct, although some of the details may be questioned. Aside from the kind of reporter's error that gives the age of a year-old man as "13" init was of necessity based on statements made by Charles Carsch's children, who may not have been fully conversant with the details of their father's early career. The youngest child, Alma, was the informant for the death certificate filed with the state and she gave her father's parents as John Carsh and Mary Glathar.

The suggestion that Charles Carsch blackjack karten zahlen uben online in military service during the Civil War probably overstates the case, although blackjack karten zahlen uben online true story is at least as interesting. Eddie was old enough to help with the work and normally had to, but this particular day Grandad Carsh was feeling sick and had almost fainted. Trucchi slot cha cha father told him to stay with Grandad and they sat under a tree together, while the others worked.

Grandad got to feeling better and ended blackjack karten zahlen uben online talking all afternoon, which is how Eddie click at this page something of his life. InEd told my father and I the stories Grandad Carsh had told him that day. Grandad Carsh received an eighth grade education in the village blackjack karten zahlen uben online which he was raised near Breslau now Wroclaw, Poland.

Breslau lies on the Oder River and when Grandad was 14 or 16 he left home and went to Stettin, the harbor city at the mouth of the Oder. There he worked at the harbor until he was He planned eventually to go on to Australia. He had some relatives in New York to whom he had written and they had agreed to hire him.

He worked for them about two weeks, but they refused to pay him and proposed to give him stock in their company instead. So he quit and went to Green Bay, Blackjack karten zahlen uben online. When he first came to Wisconsin, Grandad worked cutting pulpwood, but the pay wasn't very high.

Mildred Herr says that her "Grandpa said that someone took him to Wisconsin to cut big trees down. They didn't have any warm buildings to sleep in, and they only got a cup of soup cooked in an iron kettle outside. He said if you couldn't eat hot enough to burn your tongue, you could starve. Grandpa Carsh was a small man so cutting large trees down was quite hard for him. He saved up his dollars to get enough to travel to the Mississippi river where he heard he could get a job working on a boat.

To return to Ed Carsh's story, one night Grandad was at the harbor in Green Bay when a man came along looking to hire men to load grain. The men standing around laughed at him and made jokes about how he wanted blackjack karten zahlen uben online work them to death.

Apparently loading grain was considered very hard work and few men were interested in blackjack karten zahlen uben online. Grandad Carsh knew what it was like, however, because he had done it in Germany all the years he worked at the harbor. Blackjack karten zahlen uben online waited until the man got around the corner and then he circled around the other way and stopped him out of sight of the others. He said "I can do that work, you know I did it in Germany for 14 years" and the man said "Well, you're hired then.

Grandad worked for a while around Green Bay, but then started working for a German guy who owned a boat that carried cargos between New Orleans and Sioux City. The Civil War blackjack karten zahlen uben online in progress, but neither of them were citizens yet and the owner hired five Irishmen who also weren't citizens and had no obligation to serve in the Army. They managed to trade on the river despite the war, hauling wheat south and sugar blackjack karten zahlen uben online cotton to the North.

Grandad had an advantage on the Irishmen in lifting the sacks of grain. He was strong, with a thick chest, but was only about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, while the Irishmen were taller. The grain sacks weighed a hundred pounds or more and were long and thin. Grandad could blackjack karten zahlen uben online them on his shoulder and walk blackjack karten zahlen uben online the boat with them without ever having to lift them up in the air.

At night the Irishmen would be "plumb flat, just couldn't hardly go, and he felt pretty good yet. There were Indians at Sioux City. The Indians would butcher a buffalo and put several pounds up on a sharp stick.

They would carry it around all day intending to have it for supper. But in the meantime flies would almost cover the meat until you couldn't see it. One Saturday night when he was working on the boat Grandad got all dressed up to go to town.

It had sleeted and the boat was icy. They had a girl on the boat to do the cooking and she went to get a bucket of water to wash dishes or do something with. When she dipped down to put the bucket in the water her foot slipped on the ice and she fell in. Grandad was a strong swimmer and the other men urged him to dive in and save her, so he jumped in the water. The current was strong, however, and he had a hard time swimming with his overcoat on.

He didn't want to lose it because it blackjack karten zahlen uben online a brand new overcoat, but he had to take it off and let it go. He couldn't save the girl and he ended up going quite a ways down the river. Just as he was getting out, his heel caught on his overcoat, which had followed him down the river.

Ed said that the Irishmen drank up all their money, but that Grandad saved his. Charles lost his parents while he was still young. They died in Germany with the blackjack karten zahlen uben online. Charles stayed with a family there after his parents died and the man worked on boats. That is the way Charles got started working on boats. He worked there for quite some time and they got used to seeing him blackjack karten zahlen uben online the boats.

They even gave him his meals. One day one of the boats was leaving for the United States. They were so used to seing him on the boat that he got all the way over here without any questions. She says that the accident happened on the boat crossing the ocean and that there was a woman working her passage and that of her 8 year old daughter by cooking and washing dishes. Grandpa Carsh was on deck and saw what happened, so even with a heavy overcoat on he jumped over board to try to save the child.

He couldn't find her in the dark water, but he almost drowned with the heavy overcoat on. He almost froze after he fought blue star gaming and casino get back on the ship. He suffered rheumatism all his life. Charles August Carsh, Jr. John Howard Carsh, b.

William Henry Carsh, 1 Mar ; m. Mary Angeline Carsh, b. Margaret Lou Carsh, b. Cynthia Ann Carsh, b. Robert Frank Carsh, b. Alma Ida Carsh, b.

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